As an integrated team of professionals the Lougheed Wellness Centre is dedicated to compassion, authenticity, and friendly collaboration, we empower our clients to achieve wellness and a better quality of life.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a holistic approach to health and wellness that encompasses a variety of natural modalities to treat ailments. Diagnosis tends to focus on the underlying, or root, causes. Dr. Jen utilizes a variety of methods to help her clients reach optimal wellness, such as: acupuncture, nutrition, hormone balancing, prolotherapy, and IV drips.


Counselling involves the use of psychological methods to enhance a person’s mental health. Our team of Registered Clinical Counsellors utilize a range of approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy & EMDR, to help you thrive in your life, not just survive.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves the manual treatment of soft body tissues to enhance a person’s health and wellness. The benefits of massage therapy are plentiful, and may include: relaxing the body, loosening tight muscles, increasing flexibility, decreasing chronic pain, relieving fatigued muscles, and calming the nervous system.


Nutrition is vital to our well being and sometimes we need a little help to get back on track. Balanced nutrition can help boost metabolism, provide energy, and improve daily functioning. Dr. Jen Cham helps clients by identifying intolerant foods, providing nutritional education, sports nutrition, and assisting in detox.


Providing patient-centered care that is individually tailored for each person's needs and goals.




Located within Fitness2000
9304 Salish Court
Burnaby, B.C., V3J 7C5

The Lougheed Wellness Centre is located inside the Fitness 2000 facility, near Lougheed Town Centre. When you enter the building, follow the signs for Fitness 2000, and let the friendly staff at the reception desk know that you are looking for the Lougheed Wellness Centre.

Free Parking!
Complimentary parking is available to all Lougheed Wellness Centre clients! Parking lots are located off Salish Court and off Erikson Drive. Upon arrival, take note of your license plate number. Let our receptionist know your plate number for 3 hours of complimentary parking! Remember, all Lougheed Wellness Centre clients are welcome to stay and use the gym facilities for free!

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