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Antonya Raymond | Nutritionist

Antonya Raymond

Antonya is a creative energy and passionate advocate of dance, movement, and nutrition education. Her goal is to motivate, connect, and assist individuals in reaching their full potential through performance and optimal nutrition. Her skill in dance has emerged from 12 years of practicing various dance genres from classical to urban street. She specializes in Latin dance styles and has taught consistently over the past 7 years. Her work and expertise extends to a diverse group including toddlers, high school students, adults, and seniors, and has instructed on various platforms such as dance boutique studios, senior residencies, fitness gyms, community centres, and cancer clinics.

Antonya is a graduate from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC. She received a Holistic Orthomolecular designation after completing the Applied Nutrition Program in 2017. Through her education she has studied the structure of living a healthy life and strongly believes that the key to being a successful dancer, performer, and instructor is 80% nutrition – 20% movement – 100% attitude. Antonya’s mission is to create a tailored optimal health program that promotes longevity and balance for her clients. Her focus is to educate and inspire others who have a passion for dance, fitness and achieving a healthy lifestyle.



One Nutritional Session: 

Feel as though you need a follow-up, have questions, need some support on how to structure your diet, or just need an accountability pal? These sessions are designed to work with you and customize your goals and intentions in the time frame you choose. A complementary body composition is given on your first visit to see where you are in your health and what wellness plan we can create through working together.

$75 – 1 Hour  //   $60 – 45 Minutes   //   $45 – 30 Minutes   //   $30 – 15 Minutes


Nutritional Coaching: 

Learn about the latest health sciences in wholefoods, superfoods, herbs, and wellness products to get you feeling balanced, calm and happy in your own body. Our food is our medicine. To get energized, lessen pain, physical discomfort, find harmony with your hormones, and prevent diseases it takes the right plan with the right components. Features you will receive with your monthly coaching will include:

  • One Hour Consultation Assessment
  • Bi-weekly 30mins Check-Ins (skype or in person)
  • Email Support / Accountability
  • Meal Blueprint
  • Beginner’s Wholefoods Diet
  • Grocery List / Shopping Guides
  • Kitchen Revamp (pantry, fridge, freezer, cupboards)
  • 3 Day Cleanse Diet
  • Safe Cooking Oils
  • Acid Vs Alkaline Foods

$350 – 3 Months    //   $575 – 6 Months   //   $900 – 12 months



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